About Our Parish


St John is the Patron Saint of our Parish Community:

Our Parish Community encompasses the Brunswick Valley, incorporating the churches of St John’s Mullumbimby, Our Lady of Lourdes Brunswick Heads and Holy Cross Billinudgel (now closed), their surrounds and the area of Ocean Shores.’

St John was known as both John the Beloved Apostle and John the Evangelist.
In his early life John was a fisherman in the Holy Land. He and his brother James had become followers of John the Baptist before Jesus called them to be His disciples. Both chose to leave their nets and become followers of Jesus.
John witnessed the love Jesus had for all people. He saw Jesus heal the sick and give hope to the broken-hearted. John was impressed by Jesus’ teachings and believed deeply in the love of God. As time progressed, John, his brother James and the apostle Peter, became close friends and faithful companions of Jesus.


John stayed with Jesus during His Passion and death, especially to console Mary. Jesus entrusted His own mother to John’s care.
After Jesus’ death and resurrection, John preached in Palestine for many years. At the age of ninety years, he wrote his Gospel to prove that Jesus was God as well as man.
John’s Vision of Christ
While on Patmos, God gave John a vision of the final days of earth, and a peak at heaven. In the vision, John saw the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down from heaven to the new earth, for the old earth had been destroyed (Revelation 1:9-20).

The example we take from St John is one of love for God and trust in his teachings. In many ways our mission statement is inspired by the life and experiences of St John.


In our Parish, School & Home Communities …
“We hope to lead our parishioners, teachers, parents and children to a deeper understanding of God in their lives, through the teachings of Jesus, stories, traditions of the Catholic Church and through the experience of being part of a caring Christian community.”

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