Srs of St Joseph Timeline



Srs of St Joseph Timeline 1910 – Now
St John’s Parish Mullumbimby

The sisters of St Joseph, also known as the Brown Josephites, have had a long association with St John’s School and Parish. This association and the sisters’ commitment to Catholic Education began in 1910 when Sr Malachi Reardon started classes in a small room attached to the church building. Since that time there has been a long succession of Sisters of St Joseph appointed to the parish. Many of those appointed taught in the school, thus helping to shape the school and its community into what it is today.
Some of the Sisters who taught at St John’s also attended St John’s as pupils. Other students joined various religious orders and continued the good works modelled to them by the Sisters of St Joseph during their time in Mullumbimby.

Following is a list of all Sisters of St Joseph who have been appointed to St John’s Parish, Mullumbimby.

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